Now with more co-insurance!

A cat with a strange foot

This was one of our cats. Notice his incorrectly positioned foot. He fit in well here.

Once upon a time, there was a blog about a girl in England. It begat a second, short-lived blog about the girl after England. Years passed, and the blogs gathered cyberdust in a corner of the worldwide web.

Then the girl got a new diagnosis. Or three. Possibly four, depending upon how precise you’d like me to be. However, as they are my diagnoses, I prefer to treat them like I do wayward cats and lose track after the second or third tumbles out of my wardrobe. After two, no one can keep track anyway.

There are blogs about multiple sclerosis, and there are blogs about anxiety and depression. There may even be blogs that combine them–not a high shock that the two go together–but add in wonky lymph nodes, a zombie thyroid, and the garden variety injuries that accompany any serious equestrian (read: this is where my limited income goes despite a serious dearth of accomplishments in the arena), and you have a more interesting mix. Or so I tell myself. If in a year’s time, I’m still writing at all let alone to an echo chamber audience, well, I’ll keep telling myself the same thing. Stubbornness does not abate with myelin damage.

(I’m not kidding about the zombie thyroid. )